What Will You Do Differently in 2016?

I spend a lot of time and energy on learning, whether it’s going to training courses or reading books or online learning. It’s what has led me through my life and the journey I’ve been on. Oh, and I do enjoy it too.

It’s good to look at things from a different perspective as it’s so easy to get caught up in the way you normally do something and think it can’t be done any differently. It’s really easy to be seduced by the argument that it can’t be done in a different way because everyone in my industry is doing it that way. Once you put yourself into a different environment and meet different people you suddenly discover other ways of doing things, and a whole audience who are eager for your industry to do things in a different manner.

But it’s only when you step out of your business you give yourself the opportunity to see the wood from the trees and gain a new way of looking at things.
I’m planning on continuing to learn this year and in fact I’m off on a speaker training course towards the end of January. I do a lot of speaking and I do get great feedback. But I want to be even better. For me it’s about speaking to the audience in a manner that keeps them engaged, interested and delivers great value.

What are you learning about this year that will give you a different take on your business? If you want to take the first step come along to How to Transform Your Business in 2016. Book here http://buff.ly/1O6cBIA

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