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Mistakes Business owners make & how to avoid them 

A happy client actually nicknamed me Queen of Profit and from that day, it’s stuck. I now work hard to live up to that title and I feel incredibly honoured to play a part in changing the lives of so many inspirational business women and men.

But of course, you can’t just take my word for it; have a look at my past track record and what some of my lovely clients have got to say…

Kerri’s dreams turned into reality

“Kerri of Peaches Wax Bar was confused about how to grow her business and just wanted to be able to make enough money to contribute to the household and take her young family on holiday.
She demonstrates what it’s often like for women having their own business who want more freedom to balance their family life. Within 7 months she had increased her turnover by £250,000. In her second mentoring year she owned three waxing studios, taken her family on holiday four times and increased her profit dramatically year on year way beyond £20,000 because she took action.
Last year she was approached by the Dragons Den to appear on the show but flatly turned them down, saying “I don’t want to share any of my business and definitely don’t need them as I’ve got you!”

Kerri Angus

Peaches Wax Bar, Glasgow, Falkirk & Aberdeen

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Case Study

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance, so I’ve omitted my client’s name from the detailed case study below. But to find out more or to arrange to speak to them directly, please call me on 0141 889 4247 or drop me an email at

Hitting a business plateau doesn’t have to be the start of a slippery slope…

The Business:

A successful IT support services business, servicing small and medium businesses in Scotland. With consistent, predictable levels of service and genuine interest in their clients’ IT well-being, they were steadily progressing at a pace the directors were pleased with.


Since founding in 1988, the business grew to a steady and profitable turnover of £400,000, but all of a sudden the business stalled; they had reached a plateau.
In 2007, they increase turnover by merely £5057 (a disappointing 1.3%) and worse, their profit dropped by £4980.

Was this the start of a slippery slope? 

Passivity was not an option. The owners couldn’t allow their personal earnings to drop (they had bills to pay!) or business growth plans to be shelved. They decided to seek my support.

What we achieved together:

We soon identified the key numbers in the business, not just cash, profits and capital value, but also sales and operational drivers which truly determine the future success of the business. We held monthly meetings, during which…
  • Key issues were identified.
  • Crystal clear and workable action plans were created.
  • The owners were held to account for the previous month’s successes and failures. 

A bright future beckons:

  • Within 12 months, turnover increased by £180k (a 42% increase)!
  • Profit Increased by 41%.
  • The directors received a 10% increase in pay.
  • Three new members have joined the team in preparation for future growth.
  • Debtor days have decreased from 71 to 63.
  • Directors installed a direct debit system for customers to drive even better cash flow.

You too can turn your plateau into a platform for future growth.

Starting your journey with Gloria is easy!

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