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What can Sir Richard Branson teach us about business?

“My best advice? Put yourself out of business on a daily basis” Sir Richard Branson When Richard Branson says something I tend to listen. He’s spent almost 50 years doing things that ‘can’t be done’ and flying in the face of conventional business wisdom. He spent many years deep in debt and, if you’ve read …

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How do you turn from self employed to an entrepreneur

The one thing that no-one tells you about in business is how do you turn yourself from self-employed to business owner to entrepreneur? It’s the hardest stage to get over and some people stay stuck as self-employed their whole time. Don’t get me wrong there is a small minority of people who are quite happy …

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All too often we forget about what’s on our doorstep and take it all for granted. Whether it’s the lure of holidays abroad, travel to other cities for a break, or even the temptation to spread our net and find customers out with the local area. I know I’ve been seduced by this myself on …

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Hard Work Does Pay Off

Do you have the drive to be one of the best at what you do in business? It’s not enough to be technically the best, although that should be something we all strive for. I would argue we should also be trying our best to find out our customer’s problems and doing what we can …

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Exciting News!

I’ve been on holiday and I just love to switch off from electronic devices, so I don’t post on Facebook or keep up with my blogs – sorry life it way too short!! Personally I think we’re way too dependent on our electronic devices. For anyone who’s as old as me, remember the days before …

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I had to laugh when I saw what online fashion giant, ASOS have been in the news this week! They have been sending out jeans that are WAAAY too long. But it’s not just a case of being a couple of inches too long, these ones are nearly as long as people are tall! Seriously, …

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