Once Upon A Time I Was A Hairdresser….

When I was a hairdresser many, many years ago I got interested in the numbers as I wanted to find out how I could help the business grow. I would ask the accountant lots and lots of questions but I could never get a straight answer. Turns out he didn’t know bugger all about hairdressing and unfortunately not a lot has changed to this day. I still see accounts from  qualified accountants that just downright fails to understand how a salon makes money and what’s important to the owners.

Well being an ex-hairdresser and an accountant means that I truly do understand the numbers and how hair and beauty salons work. I know the numbers is an area that many salon owners don’t feel particularly confident in and I completely understand. But the way I see it, running a business is a bit like going to live in a foreign country. You have 3 options:

  1. You can depend on someone translating for you all the time and never learn to speak the language.
  2. You can learn how to speak the language, enough to have a conversation and to get by in all the areas that are essential when you live in a foreign land.
  3. You can learn all the grammar so you can read and write like a native.

Now option 1 might seem like the easy option, but what happens when your translator isn’t around and you need to talk urgently to someone or they tell you a lie when they translate for you (or misrepresent you!). Option 2 is good enough to live there and as your ear becomes attuned to the language you’ll pick up more and more words. Option 3 is not necessary to live there and takes a lot of time and energy.

So it’s the same with your numbers, you really do need to be able to speak the language so you know enough to run your business. You can depend on other people, but what if it suits their purpose to misrepresent some of the numbers?

If you do want to find out enough to ‘speak the language’ then my next workshop will help. It’s for salon owners only and it will help you get up to speed with the important numbers in your business. I won’t try to turn you into an accountant and I won’t use language that’s hard to understand. Here’s the link http://buff.ly/2dTPnOI

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