New Year Resolutions Still Intact?

It’s the second week of 2016 and resolutions lie littered and broken all around. But I’m pleased to say mine are still intact. So what have I done differently this year from last? I’ve made some goals around my business and personal life that are easy to stick to. I’ve found the best thing for me was to break my life into different areas and look at what I want to achieve in them in the next year.

So I’ve got two categories – business and personal, which I then break down further. So in personal I have sub-categories of family, friends, health & fitness, and finances. In business I have Murray Associates Accountants, Queen of Profit, and my role as CEO.

I can then set goals for each area within these sub-categories. Sometimes they cross-pollinate, eg one goal under ‘friends’ is to have two walking holidays a year, with my friends. The first walk is already organised, we’re walking the Great Glen in April. That cross-pollinates into health & fitness as I have to be fit enough to do this, so I have a goal to go out walking at least twice a week.

When it comes to business I have different things I want to achieve under my sub-headings. Under Queen of Profit, one of my big goals is to get more speaking opportunities. So I want to have at least one of those per month. Keeping that in my mind means I’m always looking out for new places I can speak. Another one is to get two more mentoring groups up and running this year, plus one online.

By focusing my mind on a few things that I can achieve keeps me really focused. When I do my planning I’m looking at these goals to see if what I’m doing is congruent with the things I want to achieve.

The biggest thing that really brings my goals alive though is my WHY! Why do I want to stay fit? So I can live a healthy old age and enjoy playing with my grandchildren and great grandchildren (and great great grandchildren!). My first grandchild is on its way, so it’s even more relevant now.

Why do I want to start two new mentoring groups, plus one online? I’m passionate about helping more business people to get more freedom from their business, get more rewards, and get the time and energy to enjoy their personal life.

If you’re interested in achieving more in your business then my next event is coming up soon, details are here bird tickets are no longer available but if you act on just one thing from the workshop you should get at least ten times your money back!

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