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I was fascinated at an early age by what made successful businesses tick and I used to watch an incredible man called Sir John Harvey-Jones in the TV series called the Troubleshooter. This was the forerunner of programmes on business including the Dragon’s Den. However Sir John focused on helping businesses, advising them on what to do plus he was an expert on looking at the numbers and I thought at the time I’d love to do that… AND guess what I’m now doing it!

PLUS I’ve been recognised by my peers… awarded the Most Innovative Accountant in the UK in 2014 and regularly featuring as one of the Top 3 Accountants in the UK specialising in helping Small Business Owners.

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“Murray Associates bring with them a wealth of experience in business, accounting, marketing and pretty much anything you’re ever likely to encounter in business.

They are on a mission and so much on your side you won’t believe it…  they care more about your business than you do and then you get it!”

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I had my own business in my mid 20s, which wasn’t successful – but by then I was hooked on business. I had several careers, including hairdressing and finally ended up in financial management for the salon. After a meeting with the company’s accountant I realised most accountants had no business knowledge and that’s where the idea for Murray Associates came from.
I wanted to create an accountancy practice that did more than just prepare accounts for the tax man and Companies House. But before I could do that I had to study and get experience!!
So finally, in 1997, Murray Associates was created.
Heading up an accountancy firm, I regularly came across struggling business owners and it shocked me to see so many of them struggle. They all had one thing in common…

…they were selling themselves short. 

As a business owner and an accountant, I realised I had valuable business experience, as well as the readiness, to tackle financial areas that business consultants often shy away from.
Offering exceptional business advice, as well as accountancy services, my clients quickly began referring to me as the Queen of Profit. 
I’ve spent the last 18 years specialising in business boosting sessions, workshops and 1:1s to help ambitious business owners to boost their profits.
The sessions offer direction, focus and unbiased insight to those who’re willing to use it. And that’s the key you have to be willing to do things differently and take action.

Gloria Murray as featured in
“The World’s most inspiring accountant”

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