How do you turn from self employed to an entrepreneur

The one thing that no-one tells you about in business is how do you turn yourself from self-employed to business owner to entrepreneur? It’s the hardest stage to get over and some people stay stuck as self-employed their whole time. Don’t get me wrong there is a small minority of people who are quite happy to be self-employed, they’re lucky enough to work in an area where there is loads of work and they get referrals right left and centre because they’re good at what they do.

But when they come back from holiday, they might have to sit around for a few days or a week because they’ve not been there to take enquiries and line up work. Or if they get really busy they don’t have time to follow up enquiries and send out quotes and then up end with a bit of a downturn for another week. This can cause peaks and troughs in income and means they never get more than they would if they were working for someone else, unless they’re not declaring some of their income to HMRC.

For others they may have an employee or two, but there’s never enough money around and so they, as business owners, are last to get paid and have to struggle to get by. They know if they worked for someone else they would earn a lot more. But they enjoy the ‘perceived’ freedom of working for themselves.

I call it ‘perceived’ freedom because it’s not a reality. The reality is – they work longer hours, have the worry of making sure bills are paid, rarely get holidays (and when they do they have their laptop with them to answer emails, mainly from the team!!). Is that real freedom? No, but they think their big break is just around the corner, even though they don’t do anything different from what they’ve done before.

If you’re doing the same things over and over again, what makes you think you’re going to get a different result? We’re not born business owners, we have to get the knowledge from somewhere to run a business and make it a success. That’s why I run regular workshops for business owners. If you’re interested in doing something different, why don’t you come along? Here’s the link for the next one
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