Hard Work Does Pay Off

Do you have the drive to be one of the best at what you do in business? It’s not enough to be technically the best, although that should be something we all strive for. I would argue we should also be trying our best to find out our customer’s problems and doing what we can to solve these.

Obviously if a customer has a medical problem I can’t do much about it as an accountant – unless I happen to know someone who can help. I did have this situation very recently when two business directors came to see me, one of them spent most of the meeting standing as she had problems with sciatica.

Now I do happen to know a very good Osteopath, who is also a client, so I told them about my experiences and how she had really helped when I had a major problem with my lower back and could barely walk.

As the office was just around the corner they decided to see if they could get an appointment before they flew down to London in a couple of hours. Gerry got the phone number, called the Osteopath and got an appointment for them for half an hour later. We just heard from them this morning and her back is feeling so much better.

That’s not really the sort of problem I’m talking about, but it hopefully shows we do care. What I’m really talking about is the inconveniences or effort your customer has with dealing with your type of business and designing them out of your company.

Or finding out what’s really important to your customers and addressing this. The main reason I started Murray Associates was because of my dealings with accountants when I was in a finance role within a hair salon. They were men, they were patronising and they didn’t speak the same language as me. In fact I realised they had never been in business for themselves so didn’t have a clue what it was like running a small business.

What I wanted from my accountant was someone who could help me understand my numbers not look down their nose at me because I didn’t know enough. Someone who would look at ways of saving the business tax, not cost it more money because they hadn’t thought about it. Someone who could give me advice on areas I could grow the business.

So when I started Murray Associates that’s what I was looking to help business owners with and it’s gone on to develop into mentoring groups for those businesses that realise they need help to expand and grow.

Now we’ve just found out we’ve got a big mention in a new book “The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants”. So I’m very grateful for the ’big up’ but it will only make me and the team  work harder for our clients.

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