Exciting News!

I’ve been on holiday and I just love to switch off from electronic devices, so I don’t post on Facebook or keep up with my blogs – sorry life it way too short!! Personally I think we’re way too dependent on our electronic devices. For anyone who’s as old as me, remember the days before mobile phones? Anyway I digress, I’ve actually got some really exciting news!!

We’ve been shortlisted for another award – Best Small Business Advisor of the Year. The main reason for getting on the shortlist is due to our mentoring groups and our passion to help business owners grow, without losing their values or spending all their time working.

This is a UK wide award so there’s only three of us been nominated and I’m the only one in Scotland. I’ve got to wait ages before I find out if I win. So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed. I’ll let you know in October if I win. In fact you’ll probably hear me scream if I do (even if you’re not in London on that date!)

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