Aug 26, 2016

I had to laugh when I saw what online fashion giant, ASOS have been in the news this week!

They have been sending out jeans that are WAAAY too long. But it’s not just a case of being a couple of inches too long, these ones are nearly as long as people are tall! Seriously, check out the pictures, they will make you cry with laughter:

As you can imagine this has led to lots of unhappy customers taking to social media to share how they’re feeling with one customer commenting "I must have selected the BFG option."

ASOS have attempted to defend themselves saying, “it’s the new fashion – they are cut longer than standard length to allow a gathered effect at the ankles”

Thanks so much for that explanation ASOS, but why didn’t you tell your customers about this new fashion BEFORE they hit order so they knew exactly what they were getting?

Surely, this would have stopped all the confusion when people received their long-legged jeans?
It’s a lesson we can all learn, so I want to ask you...

Are you being crystal clear with your customers or are you leaving them confused and bewildered? It might be worth you spending sometime this week to take a look at your customer journey to ensure you are crystal clear about what your customers are buying or ordering. After all you wouldn’t want to be plastered all over Facebook and Twitter!